About Us

About Aboding

Aboding was set up to provide competitively priced shared accommodation for students and professionals, mostly within a short distance of Canary Wharf.  We don’t believe in charging any of the silly fees that estate agents get away with.  The rent is what you pay - nothing more, nothing less.

In order to keep our pricing as competitive as possible we provide simple furnishing throughout each property - beds and mattresses, a sofa, dining table, one or two fridges, washing machine, dishwasher, oven.  We don’t rent individual rooms - instead we rent a whole property to a group of friends.  This way tenants have control over who they live with but it also reduces our costs and risks - because you share more of the responsibility. 

All houses are of a high standard, they are all registered with the local council as Houses In Multiple Occupation - this is peace of mind for you that the houses areal up to standard. All houses are kitted out with linked fire alarm systems.  All houses have living areas so you have a place to share as well as your own space.  We try to have as many bathrooms, ideally en suites, as possible - no more arguments about shower time!

The Tenancy Agreements are what are called ‘joint tenancies’ - this means each person in a house is named on the agreement.

As a group, you are ‘The Tenant’. You are each responsible for all of the terms in the agreement - so, for example, if one of the friends can’t pay the rent then the rest of the group have to make up for the shortfall.  

Doing it this way means that Aboding don’t need to charge you for taking on this risk. It also means you are left to your own devices more and left alone by the landlord to enjoy the property!  We find that giving people more responsibility means the house is looked after better - you look after us, we look after you.

It’s up to you to organise your own electric, gas, water, broadband etc…  so you get to choose the best deals and we don’t charge for organising this for you.

You have direct access to a maintenance guy for any issues and problems are resolved quickly.  We encourage you to tell us about issues as soon as possible.

If anyone wants to move out during the Tenancy, you are responsible for finding a replacement and everyone, including Aboding, needs to agree - so no more living with people you haven’t chosen yourselves.  Our Facebook page can be used to advertise - for free - that you are looking for a new housemate.  You can also use the Aboding Facebook page if you want to meet up - most of you are in the same area, the same age group and a lot of you are new to London.

Deposits are all held within approved schemes.

To cut costs and to make life simple we try to do everything electronically - you sign tenancy agreements, deposit schemes and tenancy amendments electronically.  No more pens and travelling to get things done. We will answer your emails quickly and efficiently.

If you have any specific queries, comments or feedback, please get in touch!