About Us

About Aboding Co-Living

Aboding Co-Living was set up to raise the bar in offering high quality, professionally managed, rooms in houseshares and flatshares in London.  Our target market is the discerning young professional who feels let down by the often poor quality offerings from agents and 'accidental' landlords.  We offer much more than the usual dreary room for rent in London and with us you know you can expect a high level of service throughout your stay.  

We re-invest in our properties making continuous improvements to the houses and processes. Mattresses and kitchen utensils are replaced when needed.  Regular painting of bedrooms helps maintain a high standard. We have a dedicated management, maintenance and cleaning team.  We do not provide the cheapest rooms you will find but we are certainly not the most expensive.  Whatever we are doing we seem to get it right - we have some tenants who have been with us for years.  

Almost all of our properties are within walking distance of Canary Wharf and an easy commute to Central London. As we own all the houses that we manage there are no annoying agents getting in the way.  There are no fees for signing up.  The rent is what you pay - nothing more, nothing less.

Most of our properties are houses or apartments where you would be sharing with 3-5 others.  Most rooms come with their own ensuite bathroom.  All are decorated to a high standard and are well connected by public transport.  All properties have communal living areas and most have gardens.  We take care of all the bills - including utilities, weekly cleaning of the communal areas and superfast broadband.  We are environmentally conscious and we pay extra to pake sure all of the electricity is renewable and we buy carbon offsets for all the gas we use.

Each house is assigned a property manager and you will have contact with that same property manager from the start of your tenancy until your last day with us.

We offer all of our tenants the ability to switch rooms once per year for free; this could be a different room in their current house or it could be a room in another of our properties.  All you need to do is to keep an eye out for what's coming available and let your property manager know that you're considering a change of scenery.

We know that situations can change so we have made our contracts fully flexible.  If you need to move before your contract end date we have a break clause that, providing you are up to date with rent payments, you can activate for a charge of £500 - which hopefully goes some of the way to covering our costs. 

In order to help us build that elusive community of like-minded people (whatever that means!) we operate a referrals system where current tenants can refer a friend or colleague to Aboding who they think would readily fit into our friendly and vibrant community.  

Last but not least we listen to your feedback.  Once or twice per year we ask all of our tenants to fill out a short questionaire and tell us what they like and don't like.  We are very much open to ideas and suggestions and quite often introduce new ideas within weeks of receiving feedback.