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If you are interested in living in an Aboding home the next step is to get in touch. Fill out the form above and a member of our team will drop you a line to discuss what you are looking for.
Once we have a few more details of what you have in mind we can get down to the business of arranging viewings of the rooms that fit your needs.
If you see a room you would like to rent, on the day, you will need to provide ID and a holding deposit. We will get the ball rolling on the rest. Simple as that.



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Your monthly rent covers all of your electricity, gas, water and council tax. All of our properties have unlimited superfast broadband and the communal areas are cleaned weekly.

Our houses come equipped with washing machine, dishwasher, iron, ironing board, crockery, cutlery, two fridge/freezers, henry the hoover, Smart TVs in every living room etc. 

And yes!  All of our properties have a living room!

Our usual contract is 12 months.  We want to encourage people to stay for the long term, make new friends and help us build a community - but we realise not everything in life is certain.

To reflect this, all of our advertised pricing is based on a 12 month contract.  For a 6 month contract we add 5% and for a 3 month contract we add 10%.

Saying this, if you take out a 12 month contract but need to move early you can 'Refer a friend' via our website to take over your room.  If your friend signs up we will cancel your old tenancy from the day they move in.

Because we aren’t an agency and own all our own properties we can be much more adaptable to our tenant’s situations. If your circumstances change just let us know and we will always try to find a solution which works for everyone. 

To secure a room after a viewing you will need to pay a non refundable deposit.  We will stop viewings on the room as soon as we receive your deposit.  If your Tenancy Start Date is within 30 days your Holding Deposit will be set at the same amount as the Security Deposit.  Once we receive the deposit you will need to send us all the documents on your 'Next Steps' sheet and electronically (via email) sign the Tenancy agreement.  You have 7 days to provide all of these documents and sign the tenancy.  If we have not received all of the documents and a signed contract within 7 days we reserve the right to withdraw our offer of a tenancy.

Once you've signed the Tenancy Agreement and provided all of the necessary documents your Holding Deposit becomes your Security Deposit and will be insured with one of three government backed schemes. We use the Deposit Protection Service.  

We aim to return your deposit within 5 working days of your move out date when the tenancy has ended, usually we can do it even quicker.  It is rare for us not to repay deposits in full.  If you leave your room clean and damage free we will give you back your full deposit without hesitation.  You look after us, we look after you.

Most of our houses and flats are 5 or 6 bedrooms spilt over 3 or 4 floors. All have communal areas for socialising and all have as many bathrooms and ensuites as space allowed!  It's rare if you would be sharing a bathroom with more than one other person.


We are delighted for you to bring your own bits and bobs.  Maybe leave the two meter dining table and granny’s sofa but other than that we will always try to find a solution which works for everyone.  

Aboding specialises in rooms for young professional singles rather than couples and each house is licensed for a particular number of occupants.

No we don't. Actually we find the idea of charging tenants fees a bit ridiculous and can't wait for them to be banned. They are just not fair. If you are reading this website and we haven't found a room you want with us please think twice about paying fees to agents - you are just encouraging this dodgy practice.

If at some point during your tenancy you would like to move to a room in one of our other houses, either during or at the end of your tenancy, this is something we can facilitate subject to availability.   You will need to sign a new tenancy agreement for the room that you move to.  Please speak to your property manager about this.

Yes! We have a close relationship with the councils we work with and all of our properties meet or exceed requirements. Currently the law says that if there are 5 or more people living in a house with 3 or more stories then an HMO licence is mandatory. If you aren't sure the house you are living in is licensed, you can check the council's public HMO register. If your current house is not registered but it should be, you could be entitled to have the rent you have paid during your tenancy refunded. Speak to your local council for help.

We have a trusty team of handymen who will call out promptly when problems arise. As soon as you become aware of something in need of repair, just let us know.

If you have a full time employment contract (more than 35 hours per week) and you are not in a probation period then you do not need a guarantor. If you are a student, you work part time or if you are searching for a job, you will need a guarantor. Your guarantor will need to provide proof of their income.

As a landlord, we are required by the UK government to check your immigration status. This is why we ask for your passports prior to issuing you with a tenancy agreement. If you do not have a UK or EU passport you will need to show your current Student Visa or Tier 1 or 2 Work Visa.

One of our superb cleaning team will come once a week to clean the communal areas and shared bathrooms (one perk of having a non ensuite room is that the bathroom is cleaned for you every week!).  Your bedroom and ensuite bathroom are your own responibility. Still, we ask all our tenants to remember;  even though you do have weekly cleaning please do tidy and clean up after yourselves, especially in the kitchen! Everyone should repect the others they are living with - it is as much their home as it is yours.

Once you become a member of the Aboding community (also know as a tenant!) you can refer a friend via our website. If your friend moves in to any of our rooms, whether it's the same house as you or not, we give each of you £100. And you make sure you have your friends are living close by! You can do this as often as you like.